School Year 2018-2019


We are dedicated to discovering and developing individual talents of children so as to nurture them to be global citizens in the future.

Thematic Approach

Our curriculum is activity-based. Themes are chosen from the children’s daily experiences and activities are planned based on the Topic of Discussion. Language, Mathematics, Science, Visual and Musical Arts, and gross motor activities are mixed into the Topic of discussion.​

Balanced Curriculum Achieving Whole-person Development

Children are encouraged to inquire, and think during the activities.  

Field Trips

Field trip expands and enriches children’s life.

Children-directed Learning Projects

Children-directed Learning Projects are included in the curriculum in order to enhance children’s motivation and active participation in the learning process. Children are required to choose their own topic of interest and are free to explore the selected topic. Children learn to cooperate and strategize their activities.

Language Development

Children in early years have great potentials in language development and acquisition. In our International class, children are immersed in an English speaking environment, for 3 hours. The objective of this English emersion program is to develop children’s English language as their near native language. Since English is not native for most of the Children in Hong Kong, it is very important that the children get most assistance at home to make English their native language. By the time children enter International primary schools, they are expected to communicate properly, be able to express their feelings in English. If children do not get the necessary support from home, they are advised to apply to the bilingual class.

Laguna City Campus Kindergarten

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Kowloon (Lam Tin MTR)

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Ma On Shan Campus Kindergarten

Address: Level 2, Sunshine Bazaar,

628 Sai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, NT

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Mei Foo Campus Kindergarten

Address: The Podium, Nob Hill,

8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo             

(Mei Foo MTR/West Railway)

Tel: 2727-7585

Fax: 3157-1180


Kowloon Tong Campus Kindergarten

Address: 5 Lincoln Road,

Kowloon Tong

Tel: 2338-0211

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Think International School 

117 Boundary St., Kowloon Tong

Hong Kong

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Think Academy

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