To sustain the fruitful learning at school and further develop children’s talents in after-school time, there are different Enrichment Programmes organized at our school. They all focus in different areas of learning, which will enrich children’s life experience and learning in all-rounded way.

English Playgroups

12 months to 30 months

English Playgroup is the first step for children to be introduced to their school life. They will learn through music, rhymes, art and language activities with a native English speaking teacher. Accompanied by one parent, young children will start building up their social, communication and language skills.

English Playgroup Information in various campuses:


After-school Programmes (age 2 to 12)

Educational and fruitful programmes weekday after-school or Saturdays that enrich children’s learning and development in diversified areas. Details please refer to Programme Leaflets of different campuses.

Laguna City Campus:             

>Fun with Creative Arts                            

 (aged 3 to 6)                                   

>Fun with Music                           

 (aged 2 to 6)                                    

>Fun with Ballet                           

 (aged 3 to 7)                                   

>Fun with Dancing                       

 (aged 3 to 7)                                   

>Fun with Gymnastics                   

 (aged 2 to 12)                                  

>Fun with Science

 (aged 3 to 6)

Ma On Shan Campus:

>Fun with Music

 (age 3 to 6)

>Fun with Ballet

 (aged 3 to 6)

>Fun with Gymnastics

 (age 2 to 12)

>Fun with Science

 (aged 3 to 6) 

Mei Foo Campus:


  (aged 4 to 6)

>Fun with Science

 (aged 3 to 6)

>Fun with Music

 (aged 2 to 5)

>Fun with Ballet

 (aged 3 to 7)

>Fun with Gymnastics

 (aged 2 to 12)

Summer Fun Leaflet and Enrolment Form:

Programme Leaflet & Enrolment Form:

Laguna City Kindergarten Campus

Address: 99 Cha Kwo Ling Road G/F,

Kowloon (Lam Tin MTR)

Tel: 2727-4747

Fax: 2727-2613

Email: thinkkg_lc@think.edu.hk

Ma On Shan Kindergarten Campus

Address: Level 2, MOS Town ,

628 Sai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, NT

( Ma On Shan Railway)

Tel: 2633-7800

Fax: 2633-7787

Email: thinkkg_mos@think.edu.hk

Nam Cheong Kindergarten Campus

Address: Shop G-26, G/F, V Walk, 28 Sham Mong Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

(Nam Cheong MTR/West Railway)

Tel: 2727-7545

Email: thinkkg_nc@think.edu.hk

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Mei Foo Kindergarten Campus

Address: The Podium, Nob Hill,

8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo             

(Mei Foo MTR/West Railway)

Tel: 2727-7585

Fax: 3157-1180

Email: thinkkg_mf@think.edu.hk

Kowloon Tong Kindergarten Campus

Address: 5 Lincoln Road,

Kowloon Tong

Tel: 2338-0211

Fax: 2338-0120

Email: thinkkg_kt@think.edu.hk

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