School Leadership Team

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Ms Helena Mui 
BA(Psy), MEd(ECE)

Nam Cheong Campus

Ms Helena Mui, BA(Psy), MEd(ECE)

Principal, Nam Cheong Campus

Continuous learning has always been the motto of Ms. Mui. After eight years of working as a teacher, a student counselor and then a head teacher in a cultural dynamic primary school, she furthered her studies in the United States and achieved her first degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1993. In 1998, she started her administrative work in a multi-cultural kindergarten. In order to learn from the fundamental knowledge, she completed the Qualify Kindergarten Teacher Certificate(QKT) and then the Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education(ECE) from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2008. She received the Certification Course for Kindergarten Principals from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010 and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from the Institute of Education in 2011.

Ms Kitty Chan

Ma On Shan Campus

Ms Kitty Chan, BEd(ECE), MEd(ECE), MA(CFE)

Principal, Ma On Shan Campus 

Ms Chan went to school in England for ten years. She then graduated from the Institute of education with Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and Master Degree in Early Childhood and School Management. She also completed the Certificate of Kindergarten Principal from The Hong Kong Baptist University. She has worked for more than ten years in the education field.

​The Teaching Philosophy of Mr. Dewey’s “Learning by Doing” has always been the motto of Ms Chan. She is delighted to see the children every day with a lovely smile, step by step to school saying “Good Morning”. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge and experience to the early education of children from different cultural backgrounds.

​Ms Chan enjoys working in a high energy environment. She enjoys working with the children, parents and staff.

Ms Jennifer Ng 
BA(Hons), MEd(ELT), MEd(ECE)

Mei Foo Campus

Ms Jennifer Ng, BA(Hons), MEd(ELT), MEd(ECE)

Principal, Mei Foo Campus

Jennifer is a native speaker of English from Canada with over 20 years of professional experience in the field of early years education.  She is the former  principal of The Montessori School of Hong Kong and had spent 8 years in the Education Bureau conducting teacher training, curriculum reform, resource development, parent education and research work related to English language education in the early years.  And just prior to joining Think International she was a program leader, curriculum developer, field work supervisor and course lecturer at the Open University of Hong Kong.  During the last twenty plus years, Jennifer has gained a developing expertise in both local and international early years education, specializing in Montessori education, school-based curriculum development and teaching strategies for  exposing young learners to English in the Hong Kong context.  During her free time, Jennifer likes to engage in different kinds of sports.

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Ms Eileen Poon

Laguna City Campus

Ms Eileen Poon, BEd(ECE), MA(ECE)

Principal, Laguna City Campus

Continuous learning has always been the motto of Ms. Poon.  She loves children. With an enthusiasm for teaching and continue to learn new knowledge and hope to apply it to early childhood education so that children can grow up and progress happily every day. In 2008, She was awarded the Certificate of Commendation for "Enthusiastic in teaching excellence" by the Education Bureau.  She received a bachelor's degree in early childhood education from the Hong Kong Baptist University , and completed the Certification Course  for Kindergarten Principal Program of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Program.



All members of our teaching team are qualified educators holding valid registration with the government of HKSAR.  Around 65% of our teachers are university degree holders, of which around 40% are holders of one or more master's degree(s).  All teachers have at least 5-10 years of experience working with young children.  


All of our English and Putonghua teachers are native speakers of their language taught.  They come from different parts of the world with enriched knowledge in curriculum and pedagogy of the different locations and cultures; collectively, we form a strong multi-cultural educational team sharing visions of an international stage.