School Year 2019-2020
Message from the Chief Principal,

It has been over 20 years since our first Think International Kindergarten was founded in Laguna City in 1994. I am so pleased to witness our students growing, learning, enjoying, exploring and achieving at Think.

Each child is unique, with different potentials. We believe childhood is a crucial stage to discover and develop children’s talents. We are dedicated to providing well-balanced quality educations that builds far-reaching foundations for children to further grow, achieve and succeed in this ever changing society.

At Think, we have a team, a family of committed educators who strive for learning excellence for children. We are proud that our graduates are well prepared for their primary school, be it a Cantonese speaking government school, a Putonghua speaking direct subsidy school or an International School. Their solid language skills ( two written and three spoken ) gives them a sound foundation to learn in these languages.

Our inquiry approach in the classroom and our teaching through interactive whiteboards, open the children’s eyes on how they can learn and prepare them for creativity and critical thinking.

At Think, we have a team, a family of committed educators who strive for learning excellence for children. Our staff and I sincerely look forward to sharing wonderful moments with you and your children at Think!


​Lily Choy​

Chief Principal


Our Philosophy

We believe a good pre-school education must be able to discover and develop the talents of individual child. To achieve this goal, we place balanced emphasis on all areas of children's early development including language & cognitive, physical, mathematics, science, artistic, social skills and emotional. We also build children's understanding of responsibility as important members of society.

The objectives of the Kindergarten/Nursery are:

a. To provide a pleasant bilingual pre-school education in a multicultural setting for the local children, and extend it to elementary school education.

b. To provide an English speaking only pre-school education for international children to prepare them for International Primary School.

Children brought up in a balanced education system have a higher emotional quotient (EQ) and are more able to cope with the challenges of an ever changing society.


Think International Kindergarten/Nursery was founded on August 1st, 1994 at Laguna City, in order to provide a bilingual pre-school education to children living in the community, and to prepare them for international primary Schools or local primary schools.

The Ma On Shan and Mei Foo campuses were founded in 1999 and 2002 respectively. With the support of parents, we have grown to over 1000 children enrolments. As a continuous effort to provide quality elementary bilingual education for children, Think International School, located in Kowloon Tong, started its operation in September 2003.

In response to parents' growing need for quality bilingual pre-school education, a new campus of International Kindergarten/Nursery is launched at Lincoln Road, Kowloon Tong in 2011.

Year Milestones
1994 Think International Kindergarten/Nursery was founded at Laguna City.
1999 Think International Kindergarten/Nursery was founded in Ma On Shan.
2002 Think International Kindergarten/Nursery was founded in Mei Foo.
2003 Think International School was founded in Kowloon Tong (Boundary Street)
2011 Think International Kindergarten/Nursery was founded in Kowloon Tong (Lincoln Road)
2011 Think International School (Kowloon Tong) has become an IB Candidate School
2013 Think International School ( Kowloon Tong ) became an IB World School
2015 Think International School (Secondary) was founded in Cheung Sha Wan

Laguna City Kindergarten Campus

Address: 99 Cha Kwo Ling Road G/F,

Kowloon (Lam Tin MTR)

Tel: 2727-4747

Fax: 2727-2613


Ma On Shan Kindergarten Campus

Address: Level 2, MOS Town ,

628 Sai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, NT

( Ma On Shan Railway)

Tel: 2633-7800

Fax: 2633-7787


Nam Cheong Kindergarten Campus

Address: Shop G-26, G/F, V Walk, 28 Sham Mong Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

(Nam Cheong MTR/West Railway)

Tel: 2157-2111

Fax: 2157-2000


Start Enrollment

Mei Foo Kindergarten Campus

Address: The Podium, Nob Hill,

8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo             

(Mei Foo MTR/West Railway)

Tel: 2727-7585

Fax: 3157-1180


Kowloon Tong Kindergarten Campus

Address: 5 Lincoln Road,

Kowloon Tong

Tel: 2338-0211

Fax: 2338-0120


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