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Learning Contents

Our quality educational practice enables each child at Think to discover and unleash their potential and talents.   With an emphasis on developing the global citizen, all aspects of children's growth are fostered.    


Each child is a unique natural inquirer and constructor of knowledge.

Our conducive, well-prepared learning environment  provides children with authentic contexts and opportunities  to learn and develop through play and exploration, through ways in which their motivation towards learning,  creativity and critical thinking skills are fostered.  


The focus on building positive relationships inside and beyond the classroom forms the core of all learning at Think, where children can learn and develop on the ground to creating an inclusive, trusting and respectful learning space.  


All learning contents in our curriculum are carefully balanced between the five developmental domains and six learning areas to enable the growth of the holistic child.  


Through play and exploration, children develop the skills in 

  • communication  

  • collaboration 

  • creativity

  • critical thinking

  • numeracy  

  • ICT  

  • problem solving  

  • self-management

  • research  

  • adaptability

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Positive attitude

Children's gained learning experiences facilitate the development of interest and confidence to learn through inquiry, creativity and critically making  meaning of the world.  

Learning to learn

In 21st century learning, children need to develop the disposition to acquire new skills and knowledge through research and self-study.  The notions of learning to read and reading to learn have become ever more important in the early years.  


Learning Goals

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To be a confident learner with an inquisitive attitude to explore the world 


To be a contributing, self-regulating member of the learning community


To exercise critical and creative thinking skills in making reasoned decisions and taking ethical actions


To be an efficient multi-lingual communicator


To act with integrity and honesty with principles and a sense of responsibility for own actions and their consequences

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To be opened-minded about views, backgrounds, cultures, values and traditions of different people


To be an empathetic, compassionate and respectful learner and take positive actions towards others and the community

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To be a fore thinker who is willing to take risks, challenge self in new experiences and learn by trial and error

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To be a balanced learner by achieving a holistic aspect of well-being and growth


To be a reflective learner

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