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Application Procedure

Laguna City

Ma On Shan

Mei Foo

Nam Cheong 

2-3 Year-old

Lower Nursery Class (Born in 2021)

3-4 Year-old

Upper Nursery / K1 Class (Born in 2020)

Application Method 

In Person

  • Bring the completed form and required documents to the campus of application
    Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Via Post or Email

  • Deposit the application fee into the campus' bank account

  • Post or email the 1) completed form 2) required documents 3) proof of payment (write down your child's name and date of birth, e.g. Chan Tai Man/20210101) to the campus of application

  • Note: Please apply at one campus only




Application Reference Number (ARN) 

A completed application form and relevant documents are to be submitted in person / by post or email, at the campus of choice. A receipt with an ARN will be given to you upon application submission. Please refer to the ARN in all future correspondences with the kindergarten.


Important Notes

  • Each child should apply at one campus only. 

  • The following documents are required for application:

    1. Completed Application Form

    2. Copy of child’s birth certificate

    3. One recent passport size photo, affixed to the form (in-person or by post) or in JPEG format (via email)

    4. HK$40 non-refundable application fee (cash in exact change in-person or by bank transfer via post or email)

    5. One long self-addressed envelop 230mmX100mm (affixed with HK$4.00 stamps; for online applicants, please provide this when visiting the school for the interview)


Note: Incomplete application will not be processed.


  • Submit all documents in person or by post in an A4 envelope or via email as attachments.

  • For applications to the 2-year old Lower Nursery class (LN), class begins in August of each year. Your child must be two years old on the first day of school.


Banking Information

Please deposit the application fee (HK$40) into one of the following bank accounts

Name of Bank:  Bank of East Asia (015)

Name of Account : Think International Kindergarten


  • Laguna City 186404002387

  • Ma On Shan 18640026264 

  • Mei Foo 18640021122

  • Nam Cheong 18668001828 (SAV)

  • Kowloon Tong 18668001349 (SAV)


Sending your Application Form 



Please contact us if you have any questions regarding admission matters.  

Click here for information about our school fees and upcoming interview dates.  

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