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IB Bilingual Program at Kowloon Tong Campus



Admissions in some classes is still open.  Families who wish to enroll in one of our schools can contact us to make an appointment. 

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Admissions for IB Primary/Kindergarten Program
at Kowloon Tong Campus


Submitting an Application

【Online Application】

Email the completed application form, a photo in JPEG format, copy of the birth certificate and the proof of HK$40 application fee payment to Kowloon Tong Campus 



【In-person Application】

Bring the completed application form with an affixed photo, copy of the birth certificate, a self-addressed envelope 230mmX100mm affixed with HK$4 stamps and HK$40 in cash to Kowloon Tong Campus 

Think International School / Kindergarten
117 Boundary Street, Kowloon 

Important Dates for Applicants

School hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm (Saturday:9:00am-1:00pm)

Application Reference Number

A receipt with a reference number will be given to you upon application submission. Please refer to the ARN in all future correspondences with the kindergarten.  

Interview and Open Days

Applicants will be notified by email.  

​​​Documents required for application

  1. Completed application form (Download or obtain a copy in person)

  2. Copy of child’s birth certificate 

  3. One recent passport size photo affixed to the form (1-1/2”x2”) 

  4. One long self-addressed envelope 230mmX100mm (affixed with HK$4.00 stamps; for online applicants, please provide this on the day of interview) 

  5. Application fee HK$40  

   - Online application: Please provide proof of payment by email

   - In-person application: Cash in exact change  


  1. Please write the campus name (TIS), your child’s name and parent’s mobile number on the proof of payment  (e.g. TIS Chan Tai Man 92000000)

  2. Incomplete application will not be processed

  3. Application fee is non-refundable

Tuition Fee

The school's financial affairs are budgeted, audited and submitted to the Education Bureau for approval on a yearly basis.  Parents will be informed of the revised school fee (if any) by in early July.   

Tuition Fee for School Year 2022-2023

Nursery (K1)
3 Year-old IB Bilingual Class (English/Putonghua) (Half-day)
$4,400 monthly (10 instalments)

Reception (K2 Early Years)

4 Year-old IB Bilingual Class (English/Putonghua) (Full-day)  

$12,000 monthly (10 instalments)

Lunch fee $830 monthly 


Bank Account Number for Kowloon Tong Campus 

Please deposit the HK$40 application fee in the following bank account: 

Bank of East Asia 18668001349 SAV

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