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Children are surrounded by writers, their parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, people at the stores and restaurants, doctors and nurses... and this writing behaviour is imitated by young children, as they do in so many other behaviours. It is therefore important that we provide them with good modelling, meaningful support and plenty of opportunities to practise these skills.

During the second school term this year, our children in the Lower and Upper Kindergarten were enabled to explore the 'Development of the Pencil and Paper' and the children in our Project Class were engaged in creating a storybook for their personal expressions.

We are pleased to share with you some of the stories created by our wonderful young authors...please enjoy!


Name of Story: Kitty and Mum

Author and Illustrator: Scarlett Tang, Aged 4


Name of Story: The Lost Fairy Stick

Author and Illustrator: Hilary Tsang, Aged 4


Name of Story: How to Catch a Star

Author and Illustrator: Phil Chan, Aged 4


Journal Entries by Upper Kindergarten Children


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