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Storytelling is a crucial language activity for exposing children to literature in the early years. It is an effective teaching strategy for engaging young children in contextual thinking and learning about the world in which we live.

Children love stories and throughout the school year in the Upper Nursery, it has been one of our aims to provide our children with plenty of opportunities to read quality texts and different kinds of materials. In addition to our teachers' pedagogical effort, the school also liaises with parents on this so that the children's learning experiences are extended from the classroom to the home.

Parent Volunteers Program: Story Mum & Dad

Parent volunteers are invited to come into the classroom to share their favourite stories with the Upper Nursery children.

Storytelling Parent Workshop

The Upper Nursery teachers work together with the parents to share effective storytelling skills and techniques that they can try at home.

Storytelling by Children

Here is a sharing of some of our children's storytelling. Please enjoy!

Storyteller: Constance Chan, aged 3

Storyteller: Li Sun Hay Jake, aged 4

Storyteller: Cyrus Leung, aged 4

Storyteller: Kevin Zhang, aged 5


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