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Message from the Chief Principal

Dear Parents,

As we bid adieu to this school year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for entrusting us with your precious little ones.  We have embarked on exciting learning journeys, from discovering the alphabet and numbers, to the magic of friendship.  Our children have shown us never-ending enthusiasm that continuously brightened our days, and we are proud of every step they have taken.

Our mission has always been anchored in the aim to provide our children with the best learning journey in the early years, and this year is no exception.  In this school year, we have inaugurated the ‘Visual Perception’ programme in our classrooms starting in the first semester.  Our pedagogical decisions and actions are supported by academic research, which informs us that visual perception can effectively enhance learners’ abilities to process and analyze information received by their vision; and such abilities play a crucial role in their overall development and learning.  Through engaging our learning community in this program, we have been presented with the opportunity to equip our children with necessary potentiality for future academic success.  We strongly believe that by nurturing good visual perception abilities in our children, we are preparing them for better reading and writing skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, spatial awareness and attention to details, which are all treasured qualities in engaging in a good school life.  

We are thankful to our parents who have supported their children’s development of visual perception at home by engaging in games that challenge and encourage them to observe their surroundings, and celebrate their progress.  In the second semester, not only did our parents attend the parent workshop and view our monthly home-learning videos, many families have shown us their tremendous efforts made in supporting their children’s continuous learning through their video submissions on the skills disseminated, including visual discrimination, form constancy, visual closure, figure ground, spatial relationship, visual and sequential memory.  This is one of the finest examples of a commendable home-school cooperation we have ever witnessed.  

Thank you again for entrusting us.  We hope you have a wonderful summer break.  Let’s start anew in September and continue to celebrate the unique ways our children perceive the world and empower them to thrive!

Warm regards,

Lily Choy, Chief Principal 


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