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Message from the Chief Principal

What have we learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Since January 2020, COVID-19 struck the world by surprise. We thought it was going to be another SARS, maybe this time we would be better prepared? Back when SARS hit in 2003, it arrived after the Chinese New Year in February, we only missed school for two or three months and were back to normal after Easter. But this time around, COVID-19 stayed for a long time and the end is yet to be seen.

Our expatriate teachers used to go home every summer and every Christmas; PTH teachers would have family reunions back in China every Chinese New Year. Everyone loved Hong Kong so much because it is so central and convenient to everywhere, by train or plane. Now two years into the pandemic many things had happened to our teachers’ families back home, however, they had been unable to be there when their families needed them most, because of lockdowns and quarantine restrictions. I am sure some of us may have lost some dear ones, or know someone who has, and had been unable to be with families and friends as we wanted.

We have lived a challenging two years, two years of mask-wearing and social distancing life. The world had gone back to those old days when travelling was rare and expensive. Some families may have encountered financial hardships. Children were unable to mix and play with other children, so isolated, affecting their social skills.

Our generation had not lived through a real war; shall we take this pandemic as our war against nature? We had gone through a lot, and we learned a lot.

The warm weather is coming. I believe the pandemic will leave us very soon. We are glad that the children are coming back to face-to-face school very soon, and we can start to gather and assemble once again like we used to.

When we meet again, let us share our experiences on how we pulled ourselves out of this pandemic. I am sure we shall have a lot to share, and a good story to tell our children, how brave we had been.

Looking forward to seeing you and all the children very soon.

Lily Choy, Chief Principal


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Back to the Physical Classroom

Children have continued to learn with us during the period of social distancing; despite having to be temporarily away from the physical classroom, everyone’s effort in staying connected through alternative means has paid off. With home learning resources, combined with good use of wireless communication technology, we were happy that our children were able to learn in a continuous and consistent manner despite the situation with which we were presented.

With restrictions being lifted, children are gradually coming back to school to continue their learning activities in the physical classrooms and playground, where episodes of playing and exploring construct their learning and development in the early years. They are coming back to a familiar place where they will see familiar faces and experience activities they need and have longed for in the last months.

Being back in school, we can effectively enable children to continue to develop crucial skills during the early years. It is important that children get to use their language for communication purposes, and being in the classroom environment would provide the opportunity that greatly enhances their ability in using their language skills in oracy and literacy. Their physical movements can be expanded in the playground and classroom where they are free to assert their independence and fine and gross motor strength to get things done and to make a mark in their world. They are also able to enjoy the good company of peers and teachers in a meaningful social environment where friendships and bonds are formed.

We look forward to a happy and healthy remaining school year. Let’s all work hard and enjoy the time we are going to spend together.

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