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New Joiner Program

February - June 2024

Thank you for joining Think International Kindergarten / Nursery, School Year 2024-2025.  

This page has been updated to provide you with the latest information.  Thank you. 

Dear Parents,


At Think, our professional team of educators believes that quality education starts in the early years where every child is unique, curious and motivated.  We provide a balanced curriculum in which we strive to educate the holistic child, through play-based and inquiry-based approaches in a multilingual learning environment, enabling each child to discover and develop individual talents and gifts. 


We welcome you and your family to our Think learning community.  We hereby initiate the ‘New Joiner Program’ to offer a series of activities that will establish the channel for your child to assimilate into nursery/kindergarten life.  We strongly encourage your participation in these activities as they will provide great opportunities for your child to learn and develop skills needed to adjust into our learning environment.  These activities will also provide our educators with the opportunities to gain knowledge about your child and your family, thereby allowing us to tailor the curricular contents to your child’s interests and needs. 


We hope this series of relationship building activities will enable us to establish good home-school partnership, through which your child will be enabled to make the transition into early school life. 


We cordially invite you and your family to participate in our Program.  Please feel free to reach out to us at our campuses.  We look forward to working with you and your family.         

Best regards,

Think International Kindergarten/Nursery

Part A

Parent-child Activities 

and Parent Seminars

Part B

Getting Ready for Nursery

Coming Soon >
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