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The Unlikely Learning Journey

Currently, the city is experiencing yet another wave of increased numbers of COVID cases. It wasn’t long ago that we saw our children back in class. Back then, our THINK Team was thankful to have the opportunity to continue the face-to-face, hands-on classroom teaching and learning style so valuable to the effective education of our young learners. We hold our children in our hearts and hope that our children, families and staff remain safe and healthy as we navigate this new challenge the pandemic has brought.

Our teachers and administrators have been working relentlessly and diligently to adapt our pedagogical and curricular plans and actions to this new normal in the early childhood education setting at Think. Experiencing the ups and downs during the pandemic this year has presented us with the opportunity to develop a more meaningful home/school partnership. This understanding and growth as an organization has aided us in tackling this extremely challenging time. It has been a bonus in an unlikely learning journey enabling us to understand our own position well so that we can figure things out through experience, while growing and making changes. In response to what is happening in the global environment, we are learning to do things with an open-mind and realizing this current climate requires that we dare to reimagine and rethink a new way.

Our staff continues to be committed to the provision of a learning environment that encourages communication, collaboration and motivation to actively participate, whether it is in an online or face-to-face mode. While there are, and will be, many unknowns and uncertainties in the process, we continue to pursue professional growth with healthy and positive minds and to try our hardest to keep everyone smiling under the masks.

As we are switching our resources to engage our learning community in virtual classrooms to fulfil its ongoing learning and developmental needs, our teachers will continue to prepare resource packs, making resource videos and using virtual classrooms to sustain the learning and teaching in our 2-6 year-old classes. Through the process of interaction and participation, we hope both adults and children on our campuses can build positive relationships, derive satisfaction from our current and future endeavors, and thrive to stay energetic and well and that the masks on our faces become a symbol of change and innovation.


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